Functional Medicine meets Ayurveda at Mimansa

Your Instructor:  Dr. Mima Geere MD MS Nutr IFMCP

The Perfect Health program is designed to create balance in the mind and body. Using the principles of Ayurveda, you will not only feel revitalized - you will also learn tools and techniques that you can immediately use to cultivate physical health and emotional wellbeing.


Your Perfect Health Program consists of five lessons:

    Body, Mind, and Soul 
    You will be introduced to the foundational principles of Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga as well as the three primary mind-body doshas or constitutions: Vata, Pitta and Kapha

    Nourishment for Body, Mind, and Soul
    In this lesson you will learn how to select the most nourishing foods for your mind-body type. You will be guided in Ayurvedic nutritional practices that will help you maintain vibrant health, appropriate weight, and optimized digestion.

    Perpetual Renewal
    This session focuses on the tools and practices of rejuvenation and renewal. You will identify and eliminate toxins that accumulate in your mind and body. In addition, you will learn gentle rejuvenating practices, holistic techniques to relieve stress and anxiety and a personal daily routine for balance and health as well as the secrets of restful sleep. In this practical, hands-on lesson, we will learn about Netti pots, oil pulling and Abhyanga for daily balance.

    Emotional Freedom
    You will learn why emotional freedom is the key to physical, mental and emotional health. You will learn practices and techniques of conscious communication, PERFECT HEALTH biological responses, and steps of emotional release, which can transform your relationships and help you experience more joy in your life.

    The Five Gateways to the Inner Pharmacy
    This lesson delves into the healing power of the five senses: sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. You will learn how to strengthen the body's inner pharmacy by using specific tools that use each of the senses to heal, nourish and balance your mind-body. This will be a practical, hands-on session where we experience aromatherapy and how it affects our mind-body constitution differently. 


At our Perfect Program, you will:

  • Learn about your individual Dosha or Ayurvedic body type 
  • Learn tools and techniques to create balance in your Dosha and prevent disease onset living in a state of true vitality or "Ojas"
  • Balance your daily rhythms to synchronize with natures rhythms creating harmony in your body
  • Learn how to eat right for your Ayurvedic body type to enhance your metabolism, decrease inflammation and help you feel energized, grounded and balanced
  • Receive instruction in Meditation
  • Receive instruction in a supportive daily yoga practice 
  • Be provided with a customized experience designed around your individual personalized body type
  • Learn about conscious living and how to be a conscious consumer


Why Perfect Health?

Whether you are experiencing an accumulation of stress, an illness, or simply want to reset your health and improve your overall balance and wellbeing, the Perfect Health program can take your life to the next level.  Dr. Geere is bringing the perfect health workshop abbreviated in a five immersive sessions.  You won’t need to book a hotel or stay in an uncomfortable setting, instead relax in your own home and unwind as you learn about how you can bring Ayurvedic principles into your daily life and find balance.


Here are just a few benefits of attending Perfect Health:

  • Feel lighter and more energetic as you learn to detoxify and cleanse your body of physical and emotional toxicity
  • Enjoy more energy, better sleep, and reverse the effects of stress as you learn to care for yourself with a personalized health routine based on the ancient health system of Ayurveda
  • Learn practices that will help you make healthier choices
  • Transform your health by immersing in mind-body practices prescribed specifically for you


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