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Rythms of Nature


The fires of our digestion rise and fall within our mind and body; our hormones fluctuate according to a 24 hour rhythm and our moods, mental agility and motor skills cycle through relatively predictable highs and lows throughout the day.

Listed below are four primary rhythms that take place in accordance with distinct patterns within the human body

  1. Circadian rhythms: the 24 hear cycle of night and day created by the earth spinning on its axis
  2. Seasonal rhythms: the 12 month cycle caused by the rotation of the earth around the sun
  3. Tidal rhythms: the gravitational influence of the moon on the waters of the earth
  4. Lunar rhythms: the monthly cycle of the moon revolving around the earth

Find Balance in Nature

Connect with your internal balance

In our modern society, we have fallen out of rhythm.  We find ourselves waking up early in the dark, spending our days inside with fluorescent lights above our heads, staring at screens into the night and barely getting exposed to nature apart from the transition between our work, home, and car.  The dysfunctional nature of this existence inevitably causes your natural rhythm to start to shift.  And as a result, we suffer from stress, anxiety, and insomnia.  The solution to this problem lies in analyzing this behavioral shift itself and finding ways to modify your life to slowly bring things back towards natures rhythms.  First, open your curtains in the morning, wake up to fresh air.  Smell the roses, literally, because those senses enliven you and balance your hormones.  Then have that slow start, as a sudden jolt does not serve your nervous system.  And follow a general routine of morning grace, meditation or mindfulness.  Don't start by filling up your mind just yet, ease into your day with intention setting.  Imagine your day going beautifully, with ease as you solve all of your day's problems in one quick daydream.  Then take a deep breath of gratitude and begin.  This slight shift in routine will begin to shift your whole day.  Just take a moment and start with this one simple shift to your morning, and watch how your body begins to find its way back to balance.