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Programs and Services

Dr. Geere offers a series of personalized programs that are designed to fit your individual needs and goals for health and wellness.  Whether you are looking to lose that extra 50 lbs, optimize your fitness levels or heal yourself from the inside out, we have a program or service offering that can be customized for your needs.  Our goal is to help you reach your health and wellness goals and transform your life once and for all from the inside out.  



Redesign your health.  Are you labeled with a chronic condition, whether its diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other illness, working on your health by starting with gut restoration and food is a proven path to success and healing.   We can help you redesign your life to adjust your practices in a way that will best complement your desires for healing.  Using a functional medicine approach we will analyze and treat your gut, provide you with personalized nutrition and diet recommendations as well as supplements options to suit your individual needs.  Although this program is initially available to California residents only, we can provide a nutrition-only consultation service outside of California as well.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.



Get fit for life.  Optimize your health by understanding what makes you unique.  Have you struggled at the gym to reach your maximal fitness capabilities, or lose that extra 15 pounds?  But no matter how much you pound the pavement, you aren't able to move the needle on your fitness goals?  Having a better understanding of your individual biometrics including your Gut Microbiome, personalized vitamin needs and genetic SNPs for personalized nutrition and genomics all make a difference in how you redesign your optimal fitness program.  With a complete understanding of what makes you unique, you can venture into your workouts knowing how to optimize your health and wellness. This program is available in its full capacity to California residents primarily however a nutrition-only direct to consumer option is available for non-residents.  



Have you struggled with your weight for decades?  Are you sick of yo-yo diets with temporary results.  No matter what quick cleanse you try, the weight loss is just a temporary fix, and as soon as you start eating normal food, the weight comes back on.     This is a common story.  Usually this has more to do with your gut microbiome and genetic predispositions than willpower.  By analyzing your body from the inside out, we will have a the blueprint of what makes you unique and how to best modify your diet and lifestyle to support weight loss.  After your initial intake visit we provide a team based approach to weight loss that uses personalized nutrition and coaching to better help you meet your longterm goals.  The programs offered range from 6 to 12 months and provide the necessary support form a longer-term weight transformation.