Food as Medicine.

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New announcement 

mimansa kosha program launching on the new moon in july 2018


uncover your locked genetic potential  while you rebalance your microbiome and nourish your mind body and soul using personalized medicine and nutrition to unlock your bodies internal wisdom

Lose weight


transform your health


discover your purpose


unleash your potential


live the life you want


FUNCTIonal medicine meets ayurveda

our bodies are a natural oasis of health and wellness, so how do we tap into this incredible intelligence it carries?

come join us through a journey in discovering your own inner health and awareness

  • online program
  • in-person retreats
  • transformational destinations

Who is this program for?

those suffering from

stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, gi disturbances, fatigue

together we will discover your four pillars of health as we work through the layers of being to shift you back towards a state of balance

"a personalized science-based approach to health and wellness that brings in the central aspects of healing and self nourishment"





build mind-body awareness

customize your experience with personalized lab testing, individualized supplements, personal meal planning, and individualized coaching

online live program led by

Dr Mima geere md ms ifmcp

rebecca theineman rd