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We are a team of holistic functional medicine and nutrition providers.  We seek healers, bodyworkers and other holistic minded doctors to support patients in their health journey in a collaborative workspace environment supportive of non-toxic conscious living.

About Dr. Geere

Dr. Mima Geere is an IFMCP trained Functional medicine doctor and health improvement enthusiast. She is Certified in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Functional Medicine, Clinical Pathology at UCSF and a Masters in Nutrition from Columbia University. She combines scientific rigor through analytic measures including biomarkers and research evidence with alternative holistic methods focusing on the core of healing through restoring the gut microbiome and rebalancing your hormones using personalized nutrition and exercise. Dr. Geere has held positions as the medical director of JumpstartMD and Genova Diagnostics and has launched a beautiful new Personalized Nutrition practice and wellness city-retreat in Larkspur CA.  She is a trained in Dr. Deepak Chopra's Ayurvedic Perfect Health Program as a Certified Instructor, and believes that true health lies at the intersection of the mind body and soul.  She finds her purpose in combining the holistic traditions and the spirituality that makes us humans with modern medicine and science in the art of healing as she helps people undergo their own individual mind-body transformations.